Diamonds And Jewelry Dothan, AL

Diamonds And Jewelry

Best GIA Diamonds sold at our jewelry store at Dothan, AL:

Diamonds And Jewelry Dothan, AL

A local Diamonds And Jewelry Dothan, AL store that’s your source for fine jewelry, diamonds, pearls, silver, wedding rings, wedding bands, engagement rings and jewelry direct from the import broker to you. Jewelry First Class Diamonds has engagement rings, wedding bands, fine pearls, silver jewelry, gold jewelry and more. Come by and visit the place to buy jewelry in Dothan.

Some years back my wife and I bought a local jewelry store because I was amazed at the enormous mark ups there is on jewelry and diamonds. From a business perspective profit is the only reason to even be in business so I knew that this was the business for me. I quickly discovered at the end of each month however, most of the money was gone. There was very little profit left for us to get a paycheck too.

There is a good and honest reason those mark ups are necessary with every brick and mortar jewelry store out there and it can be summed up in one word. Overhead. Some of those overhead cost are insurance, rent or mortgage, utilities, furniture and equipment, materials and supplies, fees, advertising, employee’s payrolls and benefits, general business expenses out the wazoo, taxes, taxes, and more taxes. Who pays for all of these overhead expenses? The answer is: YOU; The customer.


The challenge was how to reduce the massive overhead expenses so that we could save customers thousands and thousands of dollars but still provide the highest quality diamonds and jewelry available. The best solution was to drop the traditional Big & Fancy brick and mortar store and open in our Diamond & Jewelry Studio inside The Nest On Foster eliminating most all of the overhead expenses.

We do carry a limited amount of “live” inventory and a whole lot of display jewelry which looks and feels like the real thing. We have the final selection rushed to us for immediate or next day delivery. I am also a diamond broker and can ship the diamonds and jewelry from our import brokers to our studio for your review or direct to your home or office . Some of our import brokers have been in business for over 38 years. The best part is that you should “Never Pay Retail Again.”

Our Pricing

Our Pricing Policy

When we had our store, the import broker would ship to us on 30 or 60 day terms or “on memo” but only after we had established a business credit account with them in advance. If we didn’t have an account, payment was required up front. If we needed to return the merchandise, they would refund our payment, less shipping and other direct expenses. We operate the same way.

Get a firm quote on a item or items.

a. Natural Diamonds
b. Jewelry

  1. Engagement Rings
  2. Bridal Sets
  3. Wedding Ring
  4. Fashion Rings

i. Rings (Both semi-mounts and live)
ii. Necklaces
iii. Earrings
iv. Bracelets

2. View merchandise.

a. Schedule a time to visit our private office or to come to you.
b. Pre-payment if you would like your order shipped direct to you.

  1. Payment Options
    a. Credit Card. 3% convenience fee is added
    b. A Cashier’s Check or Money Order
    c. A Personal or business check requires 3 days for bank to clear
    d. No Cash, No C.O.D.’s.
  2. If you request a refund:
    a. Ship the merchandise back to the Import Broker within 3 Business Days.
    b. Upon inspection and approval from our import broker that the same, undamaged merchandise is received in good order, a refund will be issued in the same manner the payment was received, less the original shipping and credit card fees that we paid or other direct expense associated.